Caring For Your Leased Vehicle : Car Maintenance

Maintaining your car regularly is important, not only for the look and comfort of the car, but so that when you return your leased vehicle you are not subject to any additional charges.


Staying on top of this will ensure that small problems are addressed, and major issues are avoided by rectifying any concerns when they arise, rather than allowing them to develop into something greater.

Car cleaning advice

According to the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidance, fair wear and tear will be considered normal deterioration of the car due to usage over time, which is overlooked when the car is returned. However, damage as a result of harsh treatment, negligent acts and inappropriate usage of the car will be penalised. So, while the cleanliness of the car is not an issue, keeping it in a good condition during usage is encouraged and will help to avoid any unwanted damage.


As simple as it may seem, cleaning your car is a crucial element of car maintenance. Whether you have a leased car or not, all cars should be cleaned with particular tools and solutions to ensure no unwanted damage is caused. What’s more, keeping your car clean of dirt will make it easier for you to spot any issues such as scratches and dents. Plus, there are particular laws around how dirty a car can be before it is no longer considered road-worthy.


The following tips will guide you in ensuring that you are cleaning your car well and with the right tools:


  • Always use screenwash and keep this regularly topped up to clean your windscreen
  • Use window cleaning solutions on mirrors and glass, wiping this clean with a microfibre cloth to avoid scratches from rags or brushes
  • Keep the interior of your leased car as clean as possible with regular decluttering and cleaning. Hoovers can be used to clear the footwells of typical debris and dirt from shoes, while small brushes will help to remove dust and dirt from tricky-to-reach cracks and crevices
  • You can opt to polish your car, completing this once every few months to ensure the finish of the vehicle is kept in pristine condition


Whenever you are undergoing some regular car cleaning, it is a good idea to pay close attention to any small chips, scratches, dents, rips, or tears, making sure to take note of these and have them fixed as soon as possible.

Car maintenance checklist:

To ensure you are looking after your leased car as best as possible, this checklist includes everything you should be doing to keep your car running smoothly:


  • Oil checks according to your vehicle’s manual
  • Replace bulbs when they die
  • Maintain wheels, keeping them clean and clear of dents
  • Check tyre pressure and tread regularly ensuring this is within the legal requirements
  • Keep all sets of keys safe and secure, knowing where these are when returning your leased vehicle back to the dealer
  • Check alarms, making sure they are working properly, especially if you are leaving your car unattended for long periods of time


Everything mentioned in this blog is simple and easy to do at home and can be completed over the course of several months, throughout your contract. While a leased car is yours for the duration of your contract, it is always important to keep a car well-maintained, whether you own it privately or not. Not only for better performance but to ensure the vehicle is road-worthy and is not at risk of breaking down or putting you and your passengers in harm's way.