Best Cars For Dogs

By Ross Wild
In the UK, around 50% of adults have a pet in general, with the most popular being dogs, so the need to find a vehicle to cart them around like royalty is quite a tough task for many individuals. You may not want to invest your hard-earned cash into a bigger and more unattractive vehicle, and splash on a new convertible car of your choice for example. Here at All Car Leasing, we have conducted some research into finding the best-suited vehicle of each class for accommodating dogs so you can have a more diverse range of vehicles to choose from. Although convertibles, for example, aren't the best vehicle for a dog, we have found the best suited for tongues sticking out of windows.

Hatchback: Kia Cee'd

If you're looking for a practical hatchback that is both stylish and has great potential with keeping your poochie comfortable and safe, then consider the Kia Cee'd. When leasing the Cee'd, a boot liner and a bumper flap is an optional extra on the car. This is ideal for dog owners as it works as protection for your boot and also stops any fur getting stuck to the seats and around the interior. The Kia Cee'd also has great storage space, due to its easily foldable rear seats and large boot size and comes at a great affordable price here at All Car Leasing.

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MPV: Peugeot Rifter

MPV's are the most sensible vehicles to look at when looking for practicality and ease in a vehicle, and they are especially perfect for dogs. This is due to their huge boot size, easy access into the vehicle and the fact that they have a comfortable and spacious interior. The Peugeot Rifter definitely holds these attributes and even has the capability of having a towing capacity of 1000-1500kg, so is great for family camping trips in the summer time! The GT Line even features a 'Magic Flat' feature which allows you to flatten the rear of the vehicle to create an outstanding amount of space, perfect for fitting in a bunch of dogs or anything else of that matter!

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SUV: Volvo XC60 

SUV's are great in terms of performance, power, handling and practicality due to their monstrous size and ease, which in-hand makes them great for dogs as well. Our choice of the best SUV for dogs is the notorious Volvo XC60. This is because it has a generous amount of space, whilst having a load compartment volume of 505 litres, and 1444 litres with the backrests folded- creating an enormous amount of space for the pooch and various other things as well. It is also a great car to have in general, due to its included driver assistance systems, with the likes of Adaptive cruise control, oncoming lane mitigation, lane keeping aid, plus many more. It is also technologically advanced with its 7" Infotainment system allowing easy access to phone calls, navigation and you're favourite music at the ease of the touch.

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Crossover: Kia Sportage

Vehicles of a similar size to SUV's are crossovers. They are a little smaller in size but share most of the practicality's that an SUV has to offer. Our favourite crossover for dogs has to be the Kia Sportage. Not only does it have a generous amount of space, but also has great performance and a unique and stylish design. It can achieve a top speed of 125mpg and does 0-62mph in 9.2 seconds from its powerful 2.0L engine which is great for a car of its size, whilst coming at a great and affordable price.

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Coupe: Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe

Now we know that Coupe's aren't the best-suited cars for dogs, as they are usually sporty and smaller than that of a 4x4, however, we have discovered and came to the conclusion, that the Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe is the most fitting for dogs due to its larger size from a standard coupe and its amazing design. If you want your pooch to travel in style then we have you covered. Performance in the CLS Coupe truly is outstanding, as, at the highest trim level, it features a 3.0L engine, capable of achieving 0-62mph in a mere 4.5 seconds. It also has an automatic transmission, making your commute in the CLS Coupe a mesmerizing and easy one. It's practical and great for dogs, due to the fact that it has a larger rear space than most coupes and is available with a comfort pack!

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Convertible: Mercedes-Benz E Class

If you've ever spotted a dog in a convertible, then count yourself lucky! There is little space to accommodate a dog in a convertible, never mind humans. However, we believe that the Mercedes-Benz E Class is the best for it. This is due to the fact that the E-Class has 4-seats so could accommodate a smaller-sized dog in the rear. However, as safety comes first, you should avoid taking a pet into a vehicle like a convertible, especially if the roof has been retracted. Of course, they will look good, with the wind blowing through their fur, but it is quite dangerous, so make sure that the dog has a specially adapted belt of some sort or supportive equipment! Nonetheless, if you are looking for a well-suited convertible, consider the Mercedes-Benz E Class Cabriolet. 

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Estate: Audi A6 Avant

Estate's are known to be brilliant cars when coupling practicality with performance, and the Audi A6 Avant does just that. This is because of the wide range of engine sizes to choose from, with the choice of a 2.0L and a 4.0L V8 engine. With the V8 engine providing 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. The real selling point of the Audi A6 Avant and the reason it makes such a good car for dogs is due to its interior space and large boot size, with retractable rear seats which provide plenty of space for the dog. 

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Saloon: Volkswagen Passat Saloon

Our choice of the best Saloon for dogs has to be the Volkswagen Passat Saloon. Volkswagen are notorious for their master craftsmanship in creating beautiful designs, proving amazing practicality, technology and performance with ease. The Passat is a brilliant all-rounder in that it has a great iconic look, choice of powerful engines and generous space- perfect for dogs. It features a handy 'variable boot floor' which helps in facilitating loading as well as having an optional net partition to create an immense amount of space in the rear.

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