Backseat Drivers

Backseat driving is a habit experienced by all but appreciated by none. That said, even though it's incredibly annoying - do we actually stop ourselves from doing it? To find out, All Car Leasing commissioned a survey asking 1,000 respondents from across the UK whether they would admit to being a backseat driver, what some of the worst remarks to make whilst backseat driving, along with some of the most annoying things that passengers do in general whilst you're driving.

Q1: Are you a backseat driver?

Overall, 72% of the respondents admitted to being a backseat driver. When divided by gender, 80% of all female respondents answered yes, whereas 62% of male respondents answered with a yes.

Looking at individual age groups, the majority of backseats drivers lay within the 25 - 34 range, with 88% of these respondents admitting to backseat driving, followed by 18 - 24 year olds at 69% whereas only half (50%) of those aged 65+ responded with a yes.

The epicentre of backseat driving is Glasgow, with 85% of the respondents living in Glasgow admitting to being a backseat driver, whereas Liverpool has the least amount at 56%.

Begs the question whether your front passenger is more annoying on your journeys rather than toddlers!

Q2: What's the most annoying thing a backseat driver can do?

Discussing speed

The survey found that remarks about speed are some of the most annoying comments a backseat driver can make.

The highest majority of people that dislike discussing speeding with a backseat driver come from Newcastle at 31%, barely edging out Norwich at 30%. Meanwhile other cities including Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol and the capital London all prioritise discussing speed with backseat drivers the most annoying thing to do.

Across the nation, the data shows that a quarter of men hate discussing their driving speed, this is most prevalent with people aged between 25 - 34. An average of 24% of men and women of all ages dislike discussing driving speed.

Playing with their phone

Out of all of the results, the survey found that passengers playing with their phone was the least annoying thing a backseat driver can do, with a percentage of 3.9%.

Making theatrical noises

Unfortunately moaning isn't included under theatrical noise, however the survey found that 22% of women find it annoying when their passenger makes silly/theatrical noises whilst driving, this is most predominant within the 18 - 24 age bracket (28%)

Lack of safety

Remarks relating to passenger safety were found to be most annoying among the 45 - 54 age group (24%). Additionally, 23% of those surveyed living in Belfast said that comments on lack of safety were the most unwelcome.

Being given wrong directions

As for being given directions or speculating using a different route, 23% of those aged 65+ said they found this the most annoying thing a backseat driver could do. By location, those living in Edinburgh dislike being given the wrong directions the most (25%) followed by Birmingham (24%) & Sheffield (21%).

So, if you're a female living in Glasgow and aged between 25 - 34 years old, chances are you'll be guilty of backseat driving! If you're a passenger in Newcastle, think twice before making remarks about speed! 

We hope you've enjoyed our study - if you're interested in leasing your next car, be sure to check out our latest lease car deals to see how much you could save on your next car by using All Car Leasing.

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