5 Benefits Of Business Car Leasing

Business car leasing is an excellent way to source vehicles for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a sole trader, SME, or larger limited company, business car leasing provides you with a wide choice of vehicles at fixed monthly rates.

Car leasing at All Car Leasing is easy and hassle free, we will guide you through the process, ensuring you get the best monthly payment deals and find the best vehicle(s) for your requirements. If you are considering leasing vehicles for your business, this article will help you understand the leasing process better and provide you with reasons as to why this is such a popular option for so many companies in the UK. 

Fixed Monthly Costs To Make Budgeting Easier 

Knowing exactly how much you will be spending each month on your car lease will certainly make it easier for you and your accountant or finance department to budget. As opposed to the expense of buying a car, which may be unplanned, the regular monthly payments can be set aside within your business budget, ensuring that you have the means to cover this. Plus, with so many car leasing deals available, you won’t have to agree to any contract until you have found the payment option that works best for you and your business. So, no matter the size of your budget, we will find you a monthly payment option that works for you. In fact, some of our business car leasing deals start from less than under £200 per month! 

Improve Your Cash Flow 

Buying a car outright will require a high percentage of investment, which will be incredibly capital intensive on your business. Car leasing, on the other hand, provides you another form of credit which will allow you the ability, as mentioned above, to budget accordingly and keep your balance sheet looking healthy. Plus, any money that you may have used to buy a company car can be used across other areas of the business, such as investment into marketing to support your business growth. 

Additional VAT Benefits

Unique to business car leasing is the additional VAT benefits that this offers. If your business is VAT registered you will be able to claim up to 50% of the VAT on your car leasing contract, if the vehicle is used solely for business purposes. Plus, if you exceed your annual mileage allowance you may also be able to claim back any excess mileage costs and the VAT against your corporation tax. For businesses, these are certainly some of the key benefits of leasing a car, especially for those who are leasing a large fleet of vehicles. 

More information about company car tax, specifically on electric vehicles, can be found here. 

A Wide Choice Of Cars & Leasing Deals 

What’s more, once you have established your monthly budget, you will find a wide choice of car makes and models to choose from. Not only does this make it easy to source the right company car, but it allows you greater access to vehicles you may not not have had the cash to buy outright. Much like personal car leasing, business car leasing opens up the opportunity to drive newer models of vehicles that are not only nicer to drive but are often much safer, which may be a top priority of yours, ensuring your drivers and employees are safe while behind the wheel of a company vehicle.

At All Car Leasing you will find a huge range of business car leasing deals on a vast selection of car brands. This includes popular models like the BMW X5, or the Mercedes-Benz A Class. We also have several vans available too, such as the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi and the Ford Transit Custom, perfect for a wide number of business needs. 

Vehicle Maintenance & Servicing 

Car leasing deals for businesses from All Car Leasing come with maintenance packages as standard. This maintenance package includes all your maintenance and service costs, incorporated in your monthly leasing costs. This is ideal for so many businesses as it removes the hassle and potential disruption of having to find a trustworthy mechanic or garage who can provide required maintenance and servicing on your business vehicles at a reasonable price. Covering the general wear and tear of a business vehicle, our maintenance package not only ensures the quality of the car but the safety of your employees too. 

For more information about our business car leasing deals and the packages we offer at All Car Leasing, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.