2018 Detroit Motor Show

The 2018 Detroit Motor Show

The first major motor show of the year kicks off with plenty of electric vehicle concepts, futuristic designs and new generation models, here are some of our favourites so far.

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

After the success of the Q60 Concept premiered in 2015, we hope that the Q Inspiration sets the benchmark for the next generation of Infiniti marques. The model features next-level autonomous drive technologies and a minimalist interior design commonly showcased by full electric vehicles. As for the powertrain, Infiniti has designed for a four-cylinder VC-Turbo engine - the worlds first variable compression ratio engine to make it into production. This allows for a turbocharged petrol engine to have the torque and frugality of a diesel.

Nissan Xmotion Concept

Nissan hasn't strayed too far from their current focus on cross-over/SUV's with the Xmotion Concept, the bodywork looks very robust and off-road ready, but what really steals the show for us are the wheels - the all-terrain tire design is stretched over the 21" alloys making them look larger than they actually are. The model is let down in places by the wooden interior trim with white accent on the dashboard, sharing the likeness of IKEA furniture.

Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept

The LF-1 is Lexus' illustration of what their flagship luxury cross-over SUV would look like. They have not specified whether this would be an electric car, hybrid or traditional turbo petrol/diesel, but Lexus have previously stated that by 2025 each model will be available in full electric or have an electric option. Following the majority of modern car designs there are plenty of digital displays and LED mood lighting placed around the cabin, with digital touch screen controls for stereo volume and temperature control, much like the latest Mercedes E-Class.

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Mercedes-Benz CLS53 AMG

Now for a model that we can actually get our hands on - the new CLS53 AMG is one of three new models in the 53 specification range across the new E-Class Coupe, Cabriolet and CLS. Instead of a traditional V8, the 53' features a twin-turbo inline 6 engine that will be able to reach anti-social speeds in 4.5 seconds. Technology in the new CLS53 is shared by the latest S-Class model. While you won't have the option for a champagne fridge, as standard it will feature systems such as active braking and lane keeping assist. This car is now a reality and available for personal car leasing and business car leasing.

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