2017 Range Rover Velar

2017 Range Rover Velar
30 Oct 2017
By Chris Taylor

The 2017 Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar is a luxury mid-sized SUV that sits right in the middle of the Evoque and Range Rover Sport; the Velar is said to be Land Rover’s most road-focussed car yet. It’s an incredibly capable car and features a stylish ultra-modern interior.


Engine size – 2.0 

Drivetrain – 4WD 

Horsepower – 180 

Top Speed – 125mph 

Acceleration (0-60mph) – 8.4s 

Fuel efficiency – 53mpg 

CO2 emissions – 142g/km 

RRP - £44,830



The first thing you notice about the new Range Rover Velar is how much presence it has; It’s sporty stance, wide fenders and sloping roof makes the SUV stand out like no other in its class. Continuing the ultra-modern looks are the Tesla-inspired deployable door handles which, once travelling at speeds over 5mph will retract flush with the body. All models have LED Headlights as standard and have a paint choice of either Fuji White or Narvik Black, along with this comes 18” fifteen spoke alloy wheels. Other exterior colours are available at an extra cost, with 2 tiers of metallic paint available – Normal metallic paint (Indus Silver, Firenze Red, Kaikoura Stone, Byron Blue) priced at £725 or you can opt for Premium metallic paint (Aruba, Carpathian Grey, Silicon Silver) which is £1,450.

Velar Interior

The most unique part about the interior of the Range Rover Velar is the futuristic dual 10” screen infotainment system, where Land Rover has opted for full touchscreen digital controls contrary to the traditional analogue dials. The top screen features the radio and Bluetooth controls or satellite navigation as well if selected as an extra, and the bottom screen is for temperature controls, heated windshield and vehicle settings. As for the seats, the entry level Velar comes with heated front seats as standard and eight-way adjustable controls. There is a generous amount of rear passenger space given the size of the car and has plenty of leg room. The seats and interior cabin trim come standard with Ebony Luxtec cloth material with a variety of leather seats available as an optional extra with prices starting from £1,865.

Boot space

The velar’s boot size is a whopping 558 litres, and with the rear seats folded down this rises to 1,731 litres. If you opt for one of the 3-litre diesel engines where the electronic air suspension comes as standard, you can lower the rear suspension from the boot making it easier to load heavy luggage.

Leasing Rivals

In the luxury SUV market, the main contenders the Velar is up against are the Porsche Macan, BMW X5 and Audi Q7; however, the market has shown that the Velar is one of the most anticipated SUV’s of 2017. With the British public currently obsessed with crossover models, we expect to see many Velar's out on the road over the next year.

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