The Audi Q5 is the mid-range Q line model. This is the choice for those who want to lease a sporty SUV with striking looks and a brilliant Audi pedigree. The Q5's all have Quattro 4 wheel drive capabilities and are all very affordable for the Audi mid-range car. Hop over to the Audi Q5 car leasing hub and look at the reasonable prices and video reviews that we have to offer.

Key Audi Q5 Points 

Since the release of the Audi Q5 in 2009 this model has been refined and remodelled into the brilliant car that it is today. If you want a car with a sporty edge and a luxury feel then this is the motor for you. This car comes as a 2.0-litre SE, S Line and a 3.0-litre S Line. If you wanted an extra thrill the Audi SQ5 is available to lease. 

Why lease an Audi Q5 

You would lease the Q5 if you wanted a sporty SUV with a luxury touch. If you wanted German reliability and prowess then you would love this car, as it as the capabilities of a fully functioning sports car with the added practicalities of the everyday SUV. The Q5 has a spacious, comfortable leather interior with all the convenient additives to make your journey better. This can be used for multifunctional purposes such as business transport, family activities and maybe the odd race around the local race track. 

Five reason to lease and Audi Q5 

  1. Quattro as standard 
  2. Sporty modern looks 
  3. SQ5 available for thrill seekers 
  4. Spacious interior 
  5. Versatile performance SUV 


The Audi Q5 is a versatile performance SUV with practicalities of the everyday car. You have the best factors from a multitude of different car types within this car. You have the luxury element with that high-quality comforting interior, sports element with those 2.0 3.0-litre Quattro engines and 6-8 speed performance gearboxes and the family element with those spacious back seats and the large boot for all the family's belongings. This is the full package, so take advantage of this and lease an Audi Q5 today. 

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If you are looking to lease a high performance variant of this model, check out our performance car leasing deals page for more information.

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