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Information about Steve Jewell, Reading

Before moving into my current role, I spent most of my career working in the digital marketing and web design spaces. I have always been a creative person, which was suited to digital marketing, and I’ve always been passionate about building relationships with people. Whilst these online industries did enable me to work with some great people, it always felt like there was something missing… cars! Yes, I am a complete petrolhead (although even I have to admit that some of these EVs are getting me excited). This, combined with the fact that I found myself spending more and more time in front of a computer screen meant that a change was due. Moving into the motor trade has enabled me to combine my passion for working with people with my love of all things powered by an engine.

What’s my favourite car you ask? Well, it has to be the Ford Mustang. When I’m not working, I can often be found taking a drive in my dark green V8 machine called Epona (yes, she has a name), and enjoy sharing many an evening or weekend with fellow enthusiasts at car shows, meet-ups, road trips and track days. Outside of the world of cars and vans; I am also a keen gamer (yes I’m a self-professed geek that grew up with Nintendo); suffer from a mild addiction to golf (at least in fair weather anyway); have recently discovered and now also quite seriously addicted to skiing (what could be better than hurtling down a hill on a pair of wooden planks); and above all else I love spending time taking to the stage with my 'musical theatre family’ called The Sainsbury Singers and rehearse twice a week for our next upcoming show, whatever that may be at the time.