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Information about John Cooper, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

My background is working in the public sector. Over the course of 15 years, I have been committed to helping businesses and residents in North East England as part of my role in the delivery of a number of high profile projects in the region. As an employee of the public sector, you are always answerable to local businesses, residents, councillors, MPs and the wider community. I’m therefore a strong believer in ensuring everyone receives the best possible customer service in a friendly, yet professional, manner.

Since childhood, I have always had a love of cars so it has always been an area I’ve wanted to work in. I enjoy the process of looking for a new car, going to the showrooms, talking to dealers, learning about the models, taking test drives etc. but over the years lots of friends and relatives have told me they hate it, as they don't really know what they're looking for and have no idea if they're getting a good deal. The opportunity to work with UK Prestige Car Brokers running its North East regional office was therefore perfect. It allows me to do something I enjoy while providing a fantastic service to businesses and residents across the region.