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The Volvo V70 is a luxury sports wagon that has been one of Volvos flag runners since its inception in 1997. It is the little brother of the XC70. It is now in its third generation and with the evolution brings more power, more economy and interior gadgets. It is a luxury brand and even the entry level trim will provide similar interiors to BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Key Volvo V70 Points

The Volvo V70 offers a few diesel engine options. The D2 has 115 BHP and emits 111g/km of co2's, D3 has 136 and 119g/km, D4 has 181 BHP and emits 117 g/km and lastly the D5 has 215 BHP and emits 126 g/km. So as you can see there's plenty of power available or an economical choice. Trims go from SE to Business Edition with added Lux or Nav on top. Geartronic automatic transmission is also an option.

Why Lease a Volvo V70

Lease a Volvo V70 for a superior sports wagon experience. The Volvo V70 is a rival to the German super powers and it holds it own quite well. Quite often, the V70 is cheaper to lease than some of its direct competitors and performance just as well, if not better. With the amount of engines available and varying power the V70 could suit someone who is fuel conscious but also those who want to compete on the fast lane.

Five reasons to lease a Volvo V70

  • Luxurious
  • Varying degrees of power
  • Alternative to the German rivals
  • Affordable luxury
  • Looks sporty for an estate


There aren't many more luxury sports wagons better than the Volvo V70 - it is powerful, economical, good looking and cheap to lease. What else do you need? For more information on the V70 then please look through the Volvo V70 car leasing hub for the latest high resolution images, high definition videos and in depth review for a better insight.

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