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VAUXHALL ADAM 1.2i Jam 3dr
Vauxhall Adam1.2i Jam 3dr
Business£142.07per month ex. VAT
Personal£170.48per month inc. VAT
Vauxhall Adam1.4t S 3dr
Business£182.82per month ex. VAT
Personal£219.38per month inc. VAT
VAUXHALL ADAM 1.2i Jam 3dr [Technical Pack]
Vauxhall Adam1.2i Jam 3dr [technical Pack]
Business£200.06per month ex. VAT
Personal£240.07per month inc. VAT
VAUXHALL ADAM 1.2i Jam 3dr [Style Pack]
Vauxhall Adam1.2i Jam 3dr [style Pack]
Business£201.57per month ex. VAT
Personal£241.88per month inc. VAT
Vauxhall Adam1.2i Jam 3dr [style/technical Pack]
Business£209.25per month ex. VAT
Personal£251.10per month inc. VAT
Vauxhall Adam1.2i Energised 3dr
Business£216.89per month ex. VAT
Personal£260.27per month inc. VAT

More about Vauxhall Adam leasing:

The Vauxhall ADAM was first launched in 2012 and has definitely brought some funk to the British roads! Named after the brand's founder Adam Opel, the Vauxhall ADAM is quite similar to the Citroen DS3 where different segments of the car can be coloured differently giving the ADAM a unique look; Vauxhall is quoted to say there are 61,000 different combinations to be created within the ADAM!

Key Vauxhall ADAM Points

The Vauxhall ADAM is only available in a 1.2i or 1.4i engine but is said to be releasing a highly economical 1.0T engine to rival major city cars such as the Citroen C1 or Volkswagen UP! Although you are limited to engine choice you will definitely find it hard to pick from the range of trims and packs including a Jam, Glam, Eco FLEX, Slam, Rocks Air and then why not add on an Urban, Technical, Style, Extreme pack or a selection of them all onto your brand new Vauxhall ADAM? On top of being able to personalise your car, it will also run laps around other cars fuel wise! No more wishing your car got over 50 MPG as the Vauxhall ADAM will get 57.6 MPG!

Why Lease a Vauxhall ADAM

Well, if you are looking for a car that is an all-round crowd pleaser then a Vauxhall ADAM lease is definitely for you! Thanks to its dinky size, yet manly looks this car will suit anyone from a new driver, a boy racer, a city driver or a motorway driver! Across the trim levels you can expect to see the likes of tinted glass including the windscreen, sports suspension, cruise control, air conditioning, rear park assist and distance sensors, brake assist, hill start assist, leather gear knob and steering wheel and plenty more to keep you entertained! Externally you can have the joy of showing off your LED daytime running lights and tail lights, full length electric canvas roof, chrome exhaust tailpipe, rear spoiler and a full set of 16" or 17" alloy wheels! If that's your boxes all ticked then why not call us today and get your new Vauxhall ADAM lease!

Five reasons to lease a Vauxhall ADAM

  • 61,000 different combinations available! 
  • Fuel efficient! 
  • Ideal size for all drivers and road types! 
  • Retro Sports exterior! 
  • Jam-packed with internal features! 


Overall, if the Vauxhall ADAM sounds like it has all the great internal features you want and is sounds sporty enough as well as fuel efficient - do not hesitate to contact All Car Leasing and take advantage of our very low lease prices and fantastic offers and packages we can offer! What are you waiting for?

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