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Having only being released in Autumn 2014 the SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE has hit the UK with a massive bang! Having beaten all the sales targets, the SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE has quickly become one of the best-selling cars of 2014. This all-wheel drive 2 litre turbo-diesel is a highly desirable car to get your hands on!


As mentioned above, the SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE has only just been released and is already in high demand due to its gorgeous 4x4 looks and faultless ability to drive on any road type or surface. Coming in a range of stylish colours, there’s sure to be one to suit you! As this car is so superior it only comes in one trim level – the 181 BHP model coming with extra suspension, you’re definitely in for a cushioned drive!

Why Lease a SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE

At All Car Leasing, a SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE is unbelievable value for money! Even once you have taken out a lease you will see your bills decreasing, no more high petrol bills whilst you get just less than 60 MPG and your road tax will decreased to only £110 a year due to the SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE’s low CO2 emissions. If gadgets are your thing you will be overwhelmed with the gadgets in this bad boy! Every model comes fitted with dual climate control, sat nav, touch screen, DAB radio, automatic lights and wipers, front driving assist, high beam assist, hill-start assist AND tiredness recognition to assist drivers on long drives to take breaks. The only thing the car doesn’t do is drive itself!

Five reasons to lease a SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE

  • Average just under 60 MPG
  • Loads of high-tech gadgets to play with
  • Extra suspension for a safe comfortable drive 
  • Lowered tax due to low CO2 emissions 
  • Able to drive on all road types faultlessly


Overall, leasing a SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE is a no-brainer due to it being packed with loads of gadgets, being fuel efficient and having eye-catching looks. You will definitely not look back once you’ve got a SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE. Take out a lease agreement with All Car Leasing for the SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE and save yourself a hefty amount of money, not only that you will catch the eyes of everyone as you drive by!

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What is car leasing?

Car leasing or contract hire is a type of finance arrangement for a vehicle where the lesee is not the owner of the car and is not burdened with the vehicles diminishing value. The lesee can a contract length for 2,3 or 4 years, a varied initial payment and annual mileage. The monthly car leasing cost is fixed and at the end of the agreement the vehicle is handed back to the finance company.

For a more detailed explanation please visit 'About Leasing' here.

What is personal/business car leasing?

The difference between personal and business car leasing is very little in terms of the cost but it does affect who is responsible for the finance agreement and which account the money comes from.

Some of the VAT can be reclaimed back with business car leasing whereas with personal it is not, however this is not something All Car Leasing arranges and it is the business responsibility to sort out.

You can find more about personal car leasing here - You can find more about business car leasing here

What is a 'maintained car leasing' deal?

A maintained car leasing deal is a package that includes ALL tyres, breakdown cover, essential repair work and servicing for the duration of the contract. As these are the lesee's responsibility during the car leasing contract a maintenance package in most cases can save the lessee £100's of pounds

You can find more on our maintenance package here

Five reasons to lease your new car

  • Generally the cheapest way to drive a new car
  • Worry free driving with maintenance package
  • Worry free driving with maintenance package
  • New car every 2,3 or 4 years
  • Highly configurable to suit your needs and circumstances

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