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The Peugeot 108 looks to swing right in at the top of the city car reckoning. Andy Enright takes a look.

The Peugeot 108 comes to market offering customers a lot of choice and a level of interior sophistication that city car buyers won't be accustomed to. The resurgent French marque is looking to stake a major claim in a hotly-contested sector and the 108 looks to have the goods to do just that.

The Peugeot 108 is a small car with a big weight of expectation resting upon it. You probably remember its predecessor, the 107. That car dates right back to 2005 and it's fair to say it probably struggled on a bit too long. It really needed to be replaced back in 2011 when the Volkswagen Group trio of VW up!, SEAT Mii and Skoda Citigo arrived and suddenly made the 107 look really old. Since that time, it's market position has changed to a budget contender that couldn't go head on with these cars and was further shoved down the pecking order by the Ford Ka, the Kia Picanto, the Suzuki Alto, the Vauxhall Agila and the Hyundai i10. With the 108, Peugeot's task was to wind back the clock in a certain regard, to convince people that a Peugeot city car could compete at the top of the class. The French company had already built confidence back with the extremely convincing 308 and 208 hatches. Now it's time for the junior partner to step up to the plate.

As you probably know, the old Peugeot 107 was part of a three-car family alongside the Toyota Aygo and the Citroen C1, all three models being screwed together in Kolin in the Czech Republic. It's the same story with this second generation version, which is why it'll come as no great surprise to learn that the 108 is mechanically identical to the Citroen C1. That means you get a choice of a two petrol engines: a VTi 68, available with either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed clutchless Efficient Tronic Gearbox (ETG), or in a 1.2-litre VTi 82 guise with a 5-speed manual transmission. The car has been designed to improve agility and manoeuvrability in town, with a turning circle of just 4.8 metres.

The difference between the 108, the Aygo and the C1's exterior styling is far more marked in this second generation model. Of the three, the 108 undoubtedly possesses the most mature, refined styling. That's important because this car is not really attempting to make a big play for first time buyers. Instead it's looking to attract customers who might never have chosen a city car because they felt too insubstantial and cheap. The 108 looks reassuringly grown-up with a discreet front end treatment and assured, mature detailing. There's very little here that looks contrived or gauche. Chief designer Ivo Groen insisted on lots of chrome and a palette of restrained, smart colours. The interior of the 108 hinges around a 7-inch centrally mounted touch screen system. This display is optional on the Active trim level and standard from Allure up and it really brings the interior together so you'll be missing out if you pinch pennies here. It controls the car's media, trip computer, Bluetooth and various vehicle settings. Should you want to personalise your 108, Peugeot offer seven different themes which feature decals, trim inserts, and seat fabrics like houndstooth and tartan.

The range starts at around £8,300 and includes a 108 TOP! model with a full length retractable fabric roof. The trim structure follows the normal Active and Allure structure. New to the 108 is MirrorLink, which allows the user to control their car's applications through the touch screens of their smart phones. Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms are all supported, but do remember that the system won't allow you to start updating your Facebook status when the car's on the move. Safety equipment shouldn't be an issue as even the entry-level car is fitted with Hill Start Assist, anti-lock brakes, emergency collision braking system, and electronic stability control. There are full length curtain airbags, two side airbags and two front airbags. Both rear seats are also fitted with ISOFIX child seat mounts.

Even if it is being targeted at well-heeled downsizers or those families looking for an easy to use second or third car, the Peugeot 108 can't afford to be off the pace in terms of economy and emissions. It's not even a purely monetary thing anymore. To fall behind here smacks of complacent engineering and manufacturers are keen to one-up each other. Call it a way for the boffins to keep score. That we benefit from this battle of the brains can only be applauded and the 108 nets a combined fuel consumption figure of around 65mpg if you opt for a manual 1.2-litre model. Peugeot also proudly boasts that every model in the range comes in at less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide emissions. I'd also be willing to bet that the 108 ends up with the strongest residual values of the three sister vehicles. It looks to have the broadest appeal, although I'd probably look to specify the car with the touch screen if I wanted to guarantee better retained values.

The Peugeot 108 is an intriguing sort of citycar. Most small cars are marketed to two distinct groups; people who don't really want new cars and people who can't really afford new cars. As such, most buyers don't have much of an emotional investment in the vehicle. It's a means to an end; virtually a distress purchase in some cases. The 108 is different. It's a car that sets its stall out to attract people who have the means to buy more expensive cars, making an appeal on style, convenience and agility. Toyota's iQ has enjoyed some success following just this tack before, but the 108 breaks new ground. I like the Toyota Aygo and the Citroen C1, but there's something about the Peugeot 108 which sets it apart. It's almost as if by paring the tinsel back, it's become a harder-hitting, more desirable proposition. Less can be more. There aren't too many car companies that have become rich banking on the refined subtlety of the British public, but Peugeot remains cautiously optimistic.

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Thanks to Peugeot revamping the 108 and adding a dash of luxury you can now personalise many options on your brand new Peugeot 108! Having only been released in Summer 2014 this little car is hitting the roads with a bang! Becoming increasingly popular due to its cute looks, wide range of bold paints and optional packs, this is a great car full of cracking features! Coming in an option of a soft top roof to make the most of Summer weather, this car is an all round crowd-dazzler!

Peugeot 108 Key Points

The Peugeot 108 can come with either a 1.0 or 1.2 litre engine and in the choice of an Active, Allure, Feline or Access trim level. Each trim comes with either 3 or 5 doors except the Access trim which is 3 door only. Some of the interior features are a 7-inch touchscreen, reversing cameras, automatic air con and key less entry. All models come with a 5-speed Automatic or Manual transmission, also with a Start/Stop engine to make the most of your fuel! If you are after some thrills why not choose a Top Hatchback model and have a soft-top roof in your choice of colour? There will be nothing better than cruising through the town in this stunning car and letting the wind travel through your hair!

Why Lease a Peugeot 108

Leasing a Peugeot 108 will not only make you feel great, it will make others envy your stunning new car! With cheap lease deals this car is great if you want to make your fuel stretch and you will see yourself getting around 68.9mpg. Being able to reach 62mph in 14.3 seconds this car is more suited to city driving which is also aided by its smaller size, but don't rule it out of those long drives due to its fantastic fuel efficiency! Why not head over to All Car Leasing to get your brand new car lease for this fantastic Peugeot 108 now and get a cracking deal?

Five reasons to lease a Peugeot 108

  • Very fuel efficient
  • Option to come with a soft-top
  • A range of bold colours to choose from 
  • Lots of packs you can add on
  • 3 or 5 door option available (excluding Access trim)


Overall, if you're after a small car for city driving with a desirable looking exterior and some funky gadgets to play with - the Peugeot 108 is the car for you! With cheap monthly payments, this car can be yours from as little as £107.99! Why not head over to All Car Leasing's Peugeot 108 leasing hub to check out some fantastic photos, videos and read some in-depth reviews to really help you make up your mind? You wont want to miss out on leasing this cracker of a car!


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