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The Nissan Pulsar is technically a brand new model but also a return of a classic. With the success of the Qashqai and the Juke Nissan now feel confident to take on the big boys at Ford and Volkswagen. Will they pull it off? Time will only tell however the signs are promising as the Pulsar inherits the quality engines and the platform that made the Qashqai such a hit in a lower down compact shell.

Key Nissan Pulsar Points

The Nissan Pulsar engines are the 1.2 DiG-T petrol engine and the 1.5 dCi diesel. Not much choice at the moment but this is something Nissan will bolster as time goes by - the trims available are the well-known Visia, Acenta, N-Tec and Tekna engine which if you are familiar with Nissan you will know well. Further key points to note is the pricing strategy which is very close to the Ford Focus and in some cases beats it like for like. It is worth noting that although the Pulsar is fairly new to the car leasing market the Nissan parts involved are not and we are almost certain you will enjoy this car a lot. Keep an eye on the hub for newer engines and trims to come and perhaps even the NISMO version. Exciting.

Why Lease a Nissan Pulsar

Lease a Nissan Pulsar if you want a tried and tested combination of engines and trims in a brand spanking new package. If you look throughout our Nissan range then you will notice that our car leasing prices are extremely competitive and this is no different. Many people feel the likes of the Golf and the Focus are boring and beige - if you are one of these people then leasing a Nissan Pulsar could be the one for you.

Five reasons to lease a Nissan Pulsar

  • Brand new
  • Shares the same platform and engine as the Qashqai
  • Very economical
  • Modern technology inside
  • Competitive pricing


The Pulsar is brand new and comes with up-to-date engines and creature comforts. The range of engines and trims isn't too great at the moment but stay tuned to the Nissan Pulsar car leasing hub for the new released - however what is already available should suit most needs whether it is a family car or an executive's car.