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The GLC model is new this year to the vast Mercedes car range and comes in two forms - the Estate and the Coupe. The estate is a smaller version of the GL Estate, the largest SUV available, and comes in 4Matic transmission. The Coupe version is like a beefed up saloon on stilts and has a more feminine exterior look.

Key Features

The GLC has 5 seats, no option for 7, has an engine selection of 220d, 250d and 350d diesels with automatic transmission and trim level options of SE, Sport & AMG Line with packages like Premium and Premium+ to add on for more luxurious extras.

They're full of handy driving aids such as speedtronic cruise control, front and rear parking sensors with parktronic ability (meaning it can park itself) and collision/accident kit designed to better protect the occupants of the car and ensure the vehicle stops safely.

Why lease a GLC?

This is another great example of a car that costs a fraction to lease than it would to buy. This is a £40,000 car, in Coupe or Estate, and has a high level of luxurious quality inside and out. 

  • highly economical - 56.5mpg approx.
  • made with high quality materials
  • not too big but small enough to cover city areas
  • permanent all-wheel drive & auto transmission
  • lots of variant choice to match your needs


Great medium sized 4x4 with off-road credentials meaning its a true practical 4x4, but also economical and family friendly while having enough power to kick you down the motorway. Call our team on 01565 880880 for more information and to enquire on a car.