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The all new Mercedes B-Class started its life as the A-Class before it was redesigned and moved up a class when the modern A-Class came along. The B-Class sits on its own in terms of looks and in a way, purpose. Aiming towards more of a people carrier/MPV the B-Class competes with the likes of the Vauxhall Zafira or the Citroen C3 Picasso. Style, luxury and quality are at the forefront of Mercedes-Benz cars and the B-Class is no exception; with the second generation the B-Class was able to share the same engines as the other models in the range so you'll be getting the excellent engines found in the C-Class and so on.

Key Mercedes-Benz B Class Points

The B Class has petrol and diesel engines with manual and automatic transmissions. The B Class comes in the SE trim or the sport which will give the sport body styling. The starter model has a 109 BHP engine with a 7 speed semi-automatic gearbox, allowing speeds of 118 MPH, giving you a wonderful 64.2 miles to the gallon. On the other hand, you can have the 184 BHP Multipoint Fuel Injection with a 7 speed semi-automatic gearbox, allowing speeds of 140 MPH, giving 42.2 miles per gallon. So both ends of the spectrum are still looking good for MPG and overall quality.

Reasons to lease a B Class

Why would you lease this car? The Mercedes-Benz B Class is one of the main competitors in the people carrier market. What makes this stand out is the striking looks. The B Class is big and bold, it has a wonderful shape to it and it looks very sporty and streamlined compared to most people carriers out there. What really makes the difference between this car and the others in its category? The interior. The interior is beautiful and it looks so high quality, you wouldn’t think an interior like this would be in a people carrier. It looks very sporty and you’d expect to see an interior like this in some of the more expensive Mercedes. The interior is spacious and it really feels top draw.

  • Affordable MPV
  • Mercedes Reliability
  • Brilliant MPG
  • High Quality Interior
  • Streamlined, Sporty Chassis


If you leased a B Class you would have a reliable Mercedes with a brilliant Eco friendly engine. Not only do you get a fantastic high quality interior with plenty of equipment as standard, it’s spacious too! This is meant to have passengers and they will be relaxing all the time in the back of this motor. In the front you’ll feel empowered behind the wheel as you feel really sporty and highbrow. The B Class really recreates the stereotypical people carrier for the future and hopefully other follow suit. People carriers won’t be shunned, they’ll be embraced if you try this car. Why not lease a B Class today and break the mould.

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