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Why lease a Mercedes-Benz?

Since 1886 Mercedes in various forms has continually produced exceptional motor vehicles and it's history is speckled with iconic cars which have won prestidgious motoring events across the world. There's no real need to try and sell Mercedes to anyone as it sells itself brilliantly. Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to our special offers range.

From your classic cruisers to your meaty yet nimble racing cars, Mercedes is likely to have made at least one of everything during the course of its heritage, and the car maker still strives for innovation today, with new releases to the market such the the GLE Coupe earlier this year which is already well-established throughout Western Europe.

What's new this year?

As mentioned new to the market this year was the hotly-awaited GLE Coupe, which is the crossover between a normal coupe bodyshape and the higher, bulkier bodyshape of the GL 4x4, which makes a powerful, eye-catching vehicle. Available in the AMG version, this model has a 3 litre engine and gives off a lovely rumble as it starts up. 

As well as that Mercedes have now implemented their new exterior car designs across their range following the styling of the gorgeous yet formiddable AMG GT and the SLS, which have those lovely rounded rear lights and soft, feminine body kits hiding the monstrous AMG engines which give them their immense power. We think the new styling is a vast improvement and really puts the elegance back into the brand.

Mercedes are also striving to develop hybrid and all-electric powered vehicles to compete within the growing market. So far they have created the C 300 BlueTec Hybrid, E 300 BlueTec Hybrid, S 300 BlueTec Hybrid and the S 400 Hybrid, and are looking to introduce all-electric vehicles in the coming years.

Reasons to lease a Mercedes-Benz

Because these cars maintain their value well it's good news for leasing as it means you might not pay as much as you think to lease a Mercedes-Benz. In addition, being a more desirable brand means that Mercedes cars are leased for Business & Personal uses and there are models that apply best to both of these types of car leasing.

We also regularly get some amazing offers on Mercedes cars because they are such a popular car to have, and they come with some fantastic technology packages as standard, which means you get more for your money too.

Below are some great reasons to lease a Mercedes-Benz:

  • Luxurious and elegant inside & out
  • Staple of British and European motoring with outstanding heritage
  • New cars have the most up-to-date technology built in
  • Engines are powerful yet economical & highly reliable
  • There's a model to suit any need whether Personal or Business

So all that is left to do is for you to browse our varied range of Mercedes leasing deals and decide which model is for you. On each model page you'll also find more information such as reviews, photos and videos which will aid you in deciding on your ideal Mercedes car. If you have any questions please feel free to call our helpful team on 01565 880880, or alternatively use our online form to submit an enquiry and someone will be in touch.