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The Infiniti Q50 is the entry level (would you believe) model in the Infiniti range. The Infiniti range is relatively new to the UK market as is the Q50 which was released in 2013, what makes this car even more appealing is that in Japan it is branded as the Skyline. A name that a lot of people may have heard of in the same sentence as fast, legendary and amazing.

Key Infiniti Q50 Points

Make no mistake, Infiniti is the luxury brand of Nissan and as such has more power in the engines and way more tech inside. The Q50 is a rival to some seriously stiff competition such as the Lexus IS, BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class and so on. The Infiniti Q50 holds its ground very well and perhaps the only thing that is holding it back is its relative obscurity in potential customers eyes. They've all heard of the old guard from Germany but not so much of the young pretender. If more people took them for a test drive things would change very quickly.

Why Lease an Infiniti Q50

Lease an Infiniti Q50 if you want to stop being a sheep and more of a trend setter. The Q50 is an impeccable car and not one to be trifled with. The only petrol engine available is a 2.0T and the diesel engine is a 2.2 CDi, however there is an ultra upmarket hybrid engine available in the form of a 2.5h engine. Although the Q50 is expensive to purchase it is not so much to lease - we have great relations with Nissan (and therefore Infiniti) and we have been granted some amazing discounts which our clients get to enjoy. Lease the Q50 if you want to break away from the norm and drive something different and fascinating.

Five reasons to lease an Infiniti Q50

  • Powerful and economical
  • Ultra modern inside and out
  • Petrol, diesel and hybrid available
  • It is not your typical German saloon
  • Head-turning style


To conclude, the Infiniti Q50 is a brilliant car to drive and if you have a look at the review on the site it is an 8/10 and that is no mean feat. Have a look around the hub at our competitive car lease prices, the image gallery and the high definition video for an up-close look at the Q50 and what it has to offer.