Hyundai i30 Leasing Deals - 12 found

HYUNDAI I30 1.0T GDI SE Nav 5dr
Hyundai I301.0t Gdi Se Nav 5dr
Business£234.21per month ex. VAT
Personal£281.05per month inc. VAT
HYUNDAI I30 1.4T GDI SE Nav 5dr
Hyundai I301.4t Gdi Se Nav 5dr
Business£243.04per month ex. VAT
Personal£291.65per month inc. VAT
HYUNDAI I30 1.0T GDI Premium 5dr
Hyundai I301.0t Gdi Premium 5dr
Business£250.79per month ex. VAT
Personal£300.95per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I301.4t Gdi Se Nav 5dr Dct
Business£251.82per month ex. VAT
Personal£302.18per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I301.4t Gdi Premium 5dr
Business£259.62per month ex. VAT
Personal£311.54per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I301.0t Gdi Go Se 5dr
Business£262.04per month ex. VAT
Personal£314.45per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I301.0t Gdi Premium Se 5dr
Business£264.00per month ex. VAT
Personal£316.80per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I301.0t Gdi Go Se 5dr
Business£266.35per month ex. VAT
Personal£319.62per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I301.4t Gdi Premium 5dr Dct
Business£268.41per month ex. VAT
Personal£322.09per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I301.4t Gdi Premium Se 5dr
Business£272.47per month ex. VAT
Personal£326.96per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I301.4t Gdi Premium Se 5dr Dct
Business£281.62per month ex. VAT
Personal£337.94per month inc. VAT
Hyundai I302.0t Gdi N Performance 5dr
Business£354.63per month ex. VAT
Personal£425.56per month inc. VAT

More about Hyundai I30 leasing:

Why lease a Hyundai i30?

The Hyundai i30 has been made with the every day family man or company man in mind. It has a nice, spacious and functional interior which keeps the driver and all passengers comfortable during a journey. The boot is spacious and ideal for the big shop, luggage and everything you would want for the day to day. The engines available with the current generation are some of the most economical out of any car manufacturer out there, especially the diesel. Lastly, The i30 and its elongated version the i30 Sportswagon have come in with a very competitive price point which makes them both a very attractive prospect. As mentioned previously, the i30 Hatchback is designed as an ideal car for personal car leasing and business car leasing. For those that want a car best suited to 'spirited' driving, Hyundai have actually released a hot hatch variant of the i30, named the i30 N - you can find full details on this model here.

Engines and Trims

The Hyundai i30 has plenty of engines to choose from with various performance, economy and transmission choices. Here's a summary:

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 BHP Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
1.0T GDI Petrol 1.0L Manual 11.1s 120 118 51.4 mpg 126g/km
1.4T GDI Petrol 1.4L Manual 8.9s 140 130 48.7 mpg 132g/km
1.4T GDI DCT Petrol 1.4L Automatic 9.2s 140 127 51.4 mpg 126g/km
2.0T GDI N Petrol 2.0L Manual 6.1s 275 155 39.8 mpg 163g/km
1.6 CRDi Diesel 1.6L Manual 11.0s 110 118 67.3 mpg 99g/km
1.6 CRDi DCT Diesel 1.6L Automatic 11.2s 110 118 68.9 mpg 109g/km

Trims available for the Hyundai i30 are S, SE, SE Nav, Go SE, Premium, Premium SE, N and N Performance. As you can see there's plenty to choose from which makes this is a very versatile car.

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

The Hyundai i30 hatchback is a car in great demand and good supply which typically means very short turnarounds for our customers. All Hyundai i30 leases come with free nationwide delivery and full manufacturer's warranty. A maintenance package is recommended but not essential.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

If you're still not quite sure what you're looking for then allow us to recommend taking a look at our best lease deals page for the latest special offers we've got to offer.

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