Citroen C-Zero Car Leasing Deals

Citroen C-zero Hatchback49kw 16kwh 5dr Auto
Business£235.42per month ex. VAT
Personal£282.50per month inc. VAT

More about Citroen C-zero Hatchback leasing:

Citroen C-Zero Key Points

The Citroen C-Zero comes in a 5 door version with an automatic transmission and a 16km/h lithium-ion battery pack which works out at having a 66bhp engine which is pretty impressive for an electric car! This car is the answer to your prayers if you want an economic car for urban driving. With this car you should be able to get around 93mile per full charge - more than enough to get you from A to B in a city! Being able to reach a top speed of 80mph it is more that capable of fitting within city speed limits!

Why Lease a Citroen C-Zero 

If you're wondering why to lease a Citroen C-Zero then here are a few facts to help sway your choice; No engine noises, 4 seater with a 166 litre boot and it even scored 4/5 starts on the difficult Euro NCAP Safety test. This car comes in a gorgeous range of colours including Antarctic White, Chilli Red as well as Coolsilver grey and Karner Blue or if you fancy a pearlescent paint you can pick between white or black - a colour to suit everyone! This car is aimed at town driving due to it having a 93 mile range, but should you end up in a 60mph limit you will reach 62mph in 15.9 seconds but once you are at the speed you will feel strong and smooth acceleration to keep up with the pace.

Five reasons to lease a Citroen C-Zero 

  1. Electric car 
  2. 4/5 star on Euro NCAP test 
  3. Gorgeous exterior 
  4. 4 seater 
  5. High speed of 80 mph 


Overall, the Citroen C-Zero if the perfect car for you if you want an extremely economical car at a great value. The Citroen C-Zero has a stunning bold look and can hold its speed on the road. Why not give us a ring on 01565 880880 to get your quote today?

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Other City Cars You Can Lease

The Citroen C-zero Hatchback is a fantastic city car but perhaps not everyone's cup of tea. That's why we've compiled a list of other city cars to consider to help you make an informed decision on which car to lease next.

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