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The Chrysler Ypsilon, or Lancia Ypsilon is a popular supermini in its third generation. It is based on the Fiat platform and shares common features with the Fiat 500 and the Ford Ka. However, what differentiates the Ypsilon from its brothers is unusual technology such as automated parking, start stop and bixenon headlights which these days are common but not when this car was released and certainly not a car of this size and class.

Key Chrysler Ypsilon Points

A lot of overseas companies used to rebadge other cars as their own to penetrate the market, some with success and others not so much. The Chrysler Ypsilon is a story of success. It has been very uniquely designed both inside and out and borrows some of Fiats best engines for a supermini. The Ypsilon believe it or not is in its third generation and has all the modern toys you'd expect. Engines available are 1.2 and a 0.9 Twin Air petrol car and 1.3 M-Jet diesel engine. Trims available are Silver, Gold and Platinum. Some of the easiest to follow trim names if ever you see one.

Why Lease a Chrysler Ypsilon

The Chrysler Ypsilon is a reasonably priced car to lease and has some well-known engines inside; it is designed completely different to not only the vehicles it shares a platform with but any car on the road. By leasing an Ypsilon you will get a very uniquely packaged supermini-come-city car at a snip. We, at All Car Leasing, get some fantastic discounts on the Chrysler Ypsilon and as such we allow our clients to benefit from that and save £1000's on the total repayable. Have a look at our price lists today and see how cheap you can get this smashing little car for. 

Five reasons to lease a Chrysler Ypsilon

  • Unique design
  • Good Fiat engines
  • More tech inside than other cars in the class
  • Low prices
  • Great economy on the 1.3M-Jet


To conclude, the Chrysler Ypsilon is a smart choice to lease if you're after good engine capabilities, striking and unique looks and creature comforts on the inside. Although the Ypsilon is not for everyone if you have a look around our high definition image gallery, interactive video reviews and full-text reviews you can see if this cup of tea is yours.

Model/Make/Derivative MRP Fuel Transmission C02 Monthly

Chrysler Ypsilon Diesel Hatchback

1.3 M-Jet Gold 5dr






£225.07 pm

ex VAT

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