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The Chrysler 300C is a substantial presence on the road. It is an all-American full fat luxury executives car with power under the hood and plenty of space inside. The second generation has now rolled in as just a saloon with the tourer discontinued. The Chrysler 300C is a good alternative to the 5-series et al and it demands your attention.

Key Chrysler 300C Points

The second generation brought with it some tech to bring it closer to the competition which includes LED lights on its aggressive grille. On the inside Chrysler have brought in softer interiors and an 8.4" multimedia screen. The 3.0 V6 brings with it over 200 bhp, which it needs considering the gargantuan size the 300C is. This is the same engine which can be found in a Maserati Ghibli if you needed any convincing of its pedigree.

Why Lease a Chrysler 300C

If you want a bit of American muscle then lease a Chrysler 300C. It is bigger than its competitors and offers a bit more executive luxury on the inside for yourself and the passengers. Price wise the 300C sits in the middle of its competitors and can be seen as a bargain considering the 300C offers more than a low range 5-series or an Audi A6. There's no denying that the 300C is an acquired taste but if you give the 300C a chance you'll see it's a blast.

Five reasons to lease a Chrysler 300C

  • Big
  • Bold
  • Powerful
  • Vast interior space
  • All-American


To conclude, have a look at our review and you'll see that the Chrysler 300C is well worth a punt if a full fat executive car is what you're after. We've also got an interactive high definition video for you to watch and get an even better insight. 

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