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Why lease a BMW X5 M?

If it isn't enough for you to have an X5 as it is then the X5 M will be the perfect solution for you. It combines the spirit of an M Tradition sports car with the outstanding functionality of an X model. It's high-torque M TwinPower Turbo V8 petrol engine and 8-speed M steptronic automatic transmission makes the ride smooth and controlled yet ready to pounce at any time.

Key features of the X5 M

It can trnasport 5 people while still being focused on raw performance and power to deliver ulitmate driving pleasure and unadultered commitment to performance that is unmatched by other sports cars.

The engineering and optimised aerdynamics have created a car with large air intakes at the front with the apron being low to the floor encased within the exaggerated bodykit. Chrome lines with door sills, front double-kidney grille and window surrounds and the intricately designed front lights complete the cars outer appearance.

Inside a number of upholstery designs are available and meet the sort of luxury and quality that you would expect from a Range Rover with clever functionalities throughout the cabin to mke the journeys that much more relaxing.

As well as that there are the front full leather sports seats that offer a shape that keeps passengers comfortable and in place during lateral movement of the car, and the technology for driving is vast and made with extreme attention to detail.

Why lease a BMW X5 M?

  • Performance focused car with practical size and capacity
  • BMW quality of build and efficient engine
  • Drive a very high ticket car for a tiny amount compared to buying
  • Vast amount of tech for driving and convenience to make life easier
  • Stunning, powerful looking machine


When choosing your next car its important that it's practical as well as pretty and powerful, and the X5 M is exactly that. 

For information on how to lease a BMW X5 M, or to ask a question please call us on 01565 880880, or instead choose your preferred model and click the green button to enquire online.