BMW M3 Leasing - 4 found

BMW M3 SaloonM3 4dr
Business£570.96per month ex. VAT
Personal£689.46per month inc. VAT
BMW M3 SaloonM3 4dr Dct
Business£572.81per month ex. VAT
Personal£695.95per month inc. VAT
BMW M3 SALOON M3 4dr [Competition Pack]
BMW M3 SaloonM3 4dr [competition Pack]
Business£600.68per month ex. VAT
Personal£720.82per month inc. VAT
BMW M3 SALOON M3 4dr DCT [Competition Pack]
BMW M3 SaloonM3 4dr Dct [competition Pack]
Business£625.11per month ex. VAT
Personal£750.13per month inc. VAT

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Key BMW M3 Points

The BMW M3 is a petrol car. Inside it will either have a twin turbo 431 bhp engine with a 7 speed semi-automatic gearbox or a twin turbo 431 bhp engine with a 6 speed manual gearbox. Both of these engines can reach 155 mph and give you quite the driving experience. 

Why lease a BMW M3? 

You would lease an M3 because you want a thoroughbred top spec BMW with racing performance proficiencies, whilst keeping the luxury touch with the comfortable interior and beautiful layout. You can use this to get from A to B or take it round your local track and have some fun. Don’t be fooled by the twin exhaust and the M3 body styling. It doesn’t have to be driven fast to enjoy it. You can cruise at low speeds and still enjoy the ride, comfort and the gadgets inside like any normal luxury car. 

  •  M3 Aesthetics 
  • Racing performance capabilities 
  • High Quality Interior 
  • Twin Turbo 431 bhp engine 
  • Practicalities of the everyday car 


The BMW M3 is a powerful car with a huge personality. This car needs to be tamed and it needs a driver who will do that. The M3 is a powerful piece of kit with the touch of prestige and executive flare but don’t be fooled by the looks. This may look like a 3 series with a new suit on, but it has a monster in the bonnet. You’ll love driving this car and it will serve you well on the road and track. 

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