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Why lease an Alfa Romeo?

As long ago as 1910 in Milan, Italy, Alexandre Darracq, Ugo Stella, and Nicola Romeo had the brilliant idea of designing a road worthy car with excellent engines and high-end luxurious driving seats. Now in 2016 Alfa Romeo is still proving to be a worldwide favourite brand of car, especially after the very recent releases of the Giulia and Giula Quadrafiligo, which are already shaping up to be very popular vehicles with enthusiasts and have already gained a 5* Euro NCap Rating.

What's new this year?

Currently we have three models of Alfa to choose from - the 4C, the Giulietta and the Mito

The Mito is a great little hatchback with loads of personality and fantastic looks. It comes with an infotainment system and a 500-watt Bose Sound system so everyone will hear you before they see you, and when they do they won't expect an Alfa Romeo MiTo. This pretty little car is perfect for commuting and for those quick trips shopping.

The Giulietta has had a new look in 2016 and now looks a lot like a Brera with its long, curvacious side skirts, contrasting alloy wheels and rounded shape. The new model is longer and sleeker than the old one, giving the impression that the car will be fast too. Technology included is the innovative Twin Clutch Transmission with dual dry clutches allowing you to select a gear while the current one is still engaged, meaning continuous power delivery during gear changes. Pretty cool huh?

The 4C is the MG MX-5s rival on the market with it being a two-seater roadster. The 4C is bigger though, and we suppose a little sportier and prettier looking than the MG. Built in Modena and designs taken from the 33 Stradale, the 4C has a rich history behind it, as well as Maserati manufacturing. There's also a Race Mode button (which we hope is big and red) and this is engaged by flicking the Alfa Romeo's D.N.A selector function. Dynamic mode also gives the driver full control of the car as ABS and stability control are cut out to enhance the cars on-track performance. Ooooh.

Reasons to lease an Alfa Romeo

  • Totally beautiful & unique body styling
  • The 4C is an actual racing car built for road use so you have the best of both
  • Giulietta & MiTo are comfortable, affordable family cars with great in-built technology
  • Twin Clutch Transmission and dual dry clutches introduced to all cars which enhances speed and smoothness of the drive
  • Completely underrated nationally as a brand which means you'll get a great deal on a new model
  • They hold their value well so again you are likely to pay much less than with other manufacturers

So now just have a good look at each model and decide which is going to suit your lifestyle the best, then take a look at the model page itself where there will be photos, reviews and videos to give you more information about Personal leasing an Alfa Romeo.

There may only be 3 cars in our Alfa Romeo range, but between them they have practicality, speed and pretty looks throughout in typical Alfa Romeo fashion as well as all-new technology enhancements. Take a look over each model and if you have any questions or queries please either make an enquiry online or call our helpful team on 01565 880880.