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The Abarth 695c is a suped up version of the little Italian Fiat 500. A Fiat 500 has been made, and Abarth has taken it and made it even better; quicker, slicker and an expert as both city and race type driving.

Key Abarth 695c Points

The Abarth 695c was introduced to the UK market as recent as November 2014. It is the ultimate alter ego of the Fiat 500. It is a fiery car bursting with personality! Abarth 695c is available only as a 1.4 T-Jet Biposto which is a turbo petrol engine.It boasts low emissions, and a 0-62 mph in less than 6 seconds. You can almost feel the bite of this impressive car now can't you? Auto climate control,electric mirrors, Hi-Fi, MP3, CD player with a low sub-woofer, Blue and me USB and AUX and many more features are built in to the standard kit for the Abarth 695c.

Why lease the Abarth 695c ?

Leasing the Abarth 695c might not do your bank balance any favours, but it will certainly boost your self-esteem and your ego! It is a show off type of car that is sure to grab the attention of passers by. Abarth 695c appeals more to the female species with its petite frame and smooth curves and you will be spoiled for choice with the colours available in this car.

Five reasons to lease a Abarth 695c

·        Race type quickness

·        Small and compact

·        Two seater convertible

·        Up to date technology on the standard trim

·        Impressive despite its size


In short, if you want a speedy and 'show-offy' little car then leasing the Abarth 695c will indulge your needs. If this hasn't been enough to convince you that the price is worth the prize then head over to our Abarth 695c car leasing hub!