Top 5 Geneva 2017 Electric Cars

By AllCarLeasing
It seems that petrol powered vehicles are still as popular as ever, however at Geneva International Motor Show 2017, electric energy efficient vehicles are finally getting the attention they deserve. So today, we’ve picked our favourite five to showcase starting with a whole load of luxury in the form the convertible Bentley EXP 12. Bentley EXP 12 [caption id="attachment_6082" align="alignnone" width="779"] Bentley Motors[/caption] Top of the list, is this electric convertible Bentley which has recently been revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017. Although weight is not usually a favoured feature for energy efficient electric vehicles, Bentley carries off this contradiction beautifully. The white exterior is offset by the indulgent ruby red interiors, yet complimented the gleaming grille entirely. If you love the look of the classic Bentley style, why not take a look at our Bentley car leasing deals. BMW i3 From Bentley to BMW - Meet the face lifted BMW i3, the world’s first premium electric car. This BMW may not be Bentley, but there’s certainly little luxuries inside that don’t go a miss. This updated model has taken centre stage with DC rapid charge, which seems to be one of the focus features included as standard on all updated models. Why not choose your trim inside the BMW i3. Classic New Dark Oak wood comes as standard inside this vehicle, but if you fancy choosing your own theme, then trims are available in BMW Lodge or Suite themes. At All Car Leasing we have car leasing deals available on the BMW i3. Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid The Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid is one of the most recent hybrids to hit the market. When designing this hot hybrid, Hyundai had usability in ergonomics in mind, that’s for sure. Innovation in technology and ultimate usability are at the heart of the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid. The dashboard is created with minimalist perfection in mind, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto imbedded in the vehicle. The exterior is highly aerodynamic, making this vehicle a dream to drive. This means that even the exteriors of this vehicle makes it an energy efficient vehicle to drive. The carefully contoured exterior minimises resistance and maximises the amount of air flow past the sides of the vehicle. The hybrid hones power, by beautifully balancing fuel and electric power. At All Car Leasing, we have a variety of Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid models. Nissan Leaf Zero emissions make this Nisan Leaf one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly family cars on the market. Driving quality and convenience is not compromised by the electric heart of this vehicle. Tons of torque and soft suspension mean that this hot electric hatch can easily compete with its more conventional fuel powered counterparts. The stable and sturdy exteriors, combined with the wonderfully roomy interiors make the Nissan Lead the ideal family vehicle. Although the Nissan Leaf is indeed roomy inside, the outer body is still carefully crafted to be compact making this the ideal city hatchback as well as family friendly car. Why not check out Nissan Leaf car leasing deals. Volkswagen e-Golf The 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf can also be found at Geneva International Motor Show 2017. If you’re looking for a totally hot hatch that’s energy efficient too, we recommend the Volkswagen e-Golf. At Geneva International Motor Show 2017, the all new face lifted Volkswagen e-Golf is making an appearance. The new Volkswagen e-Golf has lovely lithium Ion cells, and as a result, this vehicle can take you up to 118 miles on one single standard charge. Still not impressed? Perhaps the performance will excite you. The latest e-Golf has shaved 9.6 seconds off its 0-62 mpg time. In terms of driver information, this Golf is gifted with a whole host of fantastic features that make driving it a dream. In the 2017 model, you can now control integral aspects of your car from the central drivers information Active Info Display, which is compatible with Apple and Android. If you’re as e-golf ecstatic as we are, then check out our Volkswagen e-Golf Car Leasing Deals. If you want to know more about these our top eco efficient deals, then feel free to give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.