Throwback Thursday – The Classic Volkswagen Beetle

By AllCarLeasing
It’s throwback Thursday and here at All Car Leasing we’re feeling retro! So let us introduce you to the Volkswagen Beetle. You may have already met this classic car – otherwise known as Herbie. This car is perhaps one of the most iconic cars in film history. Given the Beetle’s prominent place within popular culture, for many of us it’s hard to believe that the VW Beetle began to germinate before the Second World War. However, at this stage the idea was still in its infancy and production of the timeless classic began again at end of the Second World War. Pixabay - Pexels The Beginning The seeds were sown in 1934 by Ferdinand Porsche who designed the original Volkswagen Type 1, which was one of the first rear-engine cars in decades. The Volkswagen Type 1 was also designed to reach a top speed of 62mph in conjunction with the development of the German autobahn system. It was expected that the development of the Volkswagen Type 1 and the autobahn system would bear fruits such as employment, hence the name Volkswagen which translates to ‘the people’s car’. The development of the Volkswagen Type 1 was soon to be stunted by the outbreak of Second World War in 1939. Growth Let’s move forwards in time and it’s 1945. The war is over and it’s time to celebrate! The end of the Second World War saved our future Herbie from the war torn factories of Germany. The VW Beetle branched over to Europe in 1947. With a few adjustments in 1951, such as the replacement of the tired old cable brakes of the Type 1 with hydraulically operated drums, and a rise from 24bhp to 30bhp, the VW popularity of the VW began to grow.Mass cheap production of this classic car grew during the post Second World War boom of the 1950’s and it was then that the VW Beetle’s its intended purpose as the people’s car began to emerge. Flickr - Transaxle The Sixties Today the classic VW Beetle is synonymous with a string of Walt Disney movies that began in the 1960’s; a classic collection that kick-started in 1968 with The Love Bug, an endearing comedy which brought the VW Beetle to life in the minds of the people. The VW Beetle’s purpose as the people’s car is brought to life as we root for Herbie the underdog, who is in the end victorious. The sentiment was celebrated by film fanatics everywhere and Disney didn’t look back and went on to release more films which included this classic VW. Pixabay - Stokpic The 1960’s saw a rapid shift in culture and the classic VW was a car at the forefront of this. It was then that VW really began to bloom had come a long way from pre Second World War munitions factories to embedding its roots into the hippie culture of time. No longer was the Volkswagen associated with autobahn and labour . The VW Beetle was now a means of expression and owners painted and adorned their vehicles as they liked. Pixabay - Stokpic Advertising and adjustments made throughout the 1906’s grabbed the attention of the public and sales of the VW Beetle grew to a height of 570,000 in the U.S 1970’S – particularly with the production of the Super Beetle in 1971. VW fans were in awe of advancements made on the new model such as the instalment of computer analysis ports and the new 60bhp. The Modern Day Beetle It truly is wonderful that a vehicle which originated from the munitions factories of the Second World War could then grow to fulfil its purpose as the people’s car and win a place in our hearts and minds. Production of the Beetle continued to grow into the 1980’s and resumed again in the late 1990’s. In 1998 the modern VW Beetle that we know and love today. The new Beetle and the new Beetle Cabriolet are certainly striking. This fun feel is coupled with terrific technology such as a rear view camera, inbuilt satnav and recent safety features such as the Isofix. As well as these handy features, the super smart looking interiors add a splash of colour and a burst of energy in keeping with the fun nature of the VW Beetle. For more information about the new Volkswagen Beetle and to enquire about leasing one, please call our team today on 01565 880880, or instead click Volkswagen Beetle to see our latest deals and enquire.