When’s the best time to lease a car?

By AllCarLeasing
GTD 2 It’s a commonly asked question where the answer is usually received with some scepticism.  For many consumers, the car industry as a whole is held at arm’s length for the fear of dealing with pushy salesman and the potential of getting stung on a bad deal.  So when we get asked this question and the response is ‘right now’, understandably our account managers are greeted with some trepidation. 

But what if now really was the right time to lease?

When it comes to getting a great deal on your new car, you have to think bigger than just the make and manufacturer.  Timing of the year is crucial and providing you have an open mind, there are some great deals to be had. With March and the new 16 plate just on the horizon, vehicles pre-registered with a 65 plate will almost certainly be stuck on dealership forecourts for many months to come. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good deal on your next car, taking out a lease on a pre-registered vehicle is the only thing that makes sense – especially if you’re just looking for a new car and don’t have a specific requirement in mind. If you do have something more specific in mind though, you need to think about the type of car you’re wanting to lease and, more specifically, whether the time of year is putting a higher than normal demand on that car type.  If you’re looking for a deal on a convertible, wait for the winter months when there is a surplus of vehicles readily available.  Likewise, buying a 4x4 in the winter months when the weather demands vehicles of that type isn’t advised. Many people, understandably, are a little put off by the whole ‘pre-reg’ term, because of the connotations with the used car market. We can assure you that our pre-registered cars are essentially brand new and have simply been registered before being sold. Sometimes this can be because there’s a new model due out, it could be because they’re a last minute cancelled order, or it could also be the case that the dealership’s terms and conditions stated that the cars needed to be registered by a certain date. Whatever the reason, our pre-registered cars will be delivered to you with nothing more than their delivery mileage, so take a look at some of our best deals of the moment and take the opportunity to snap up a great deal.

Volkswagen Polo BlueGT

1.4 polo front From just £119.31 per month with a £1,431.72 deposit, a brand new 1.4 Polo BlueGT could be yours. You’ll get 58.9mpg in this nippy little car, as well as 150bhp and a top speed of 137mph. There’s also all manner of the latest tech equipment available from a colour touch screen, fatigue detection system and cruise control, to a driver alert system, auto post collision braking and electronic stability control.

Volkswagen Golf GTD

GTD At this price, this car is an absolute steal and can be yours from just £164.05 a month. Not only is it pretty speedy, it’s also great on fuel, managing around 67.3mpg. In terms of equipment, it’s another great Volkswagen that’s got everything covered from colour screen entertainment to adaptive cruise control with emergency city brake and a front distance monitoring system. Find out more about the equipment list here.

Fiat 500 Pop Star

1. 500 Last but by no means least we have the cutesy Fiat 500 Pop Star which could be yours from as little as £84.99 a month with a deposit of £1,019.90. For more information on the capabilities of this retro little star check out our dedicated blog post. If you’re interested in these, or any of our other deals then please get in touch with our team today on 01565 880 880 because once they’re gone, they’re gone.   *All prices listed in this blog are available for personal and business contract hire. All prices are excluding VAT.