Peugeot PSA Profits Double Before Vauxhall Takeover

By AllCarLeasing
With over one million cars sold across Europe, 2016 saw in increase in PSA’s profits of 92%. In light of these profits, Teresa May further advocates the Vauxhall PSA takeover stating that the takeover will ‘develop’ the Vauxhall brand. The CEO of the PSA group, Carlos Tavares, has stated that the reputation of German built cars will strengthen Groupe PSA, lending itself to an increase in profits as data suggests that buyers prefer German brands such as Vauxhall over brands like Peugeot. Tavares aims to focus further of profitability, by increasing profits by 6% in the next four years, with just shy of £8m already poured into research and product development. What will the future hold for the iconic Vauxhall brand and will it thrive under the direction of Groupe PSA? At All Car Leasing we’ve dropped lease prices on Vauxhall Astra’s, such as savings on the Vauxhall Astra Hatchback 1.4T 16V 150 SRi Nav 5dr If you want to know more about the great Vauxhall car leasing deals available, then feel free to give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.