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Love Island 2019 - What if Islanders Were Cars?

Love Island 2019 - What if Islande...

03 Jul 2019
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones
Love Island is BACK and has once again taken over the nation and filled the All Car Leasing office with drama. Our Love Island 2018 article on which cars the Islanders took off and turned a few heads and it’s the time of the current islanders to face the music. It is what it is. Are we ready to c...
What Is Climate Control?

What Is Climate Control?

10 May 2019
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones
Article at a glanceClimate control keeps the cabin temperature at the temperature set in the consoleClimate control uses air conditioningClimate control is more expensive but can save money over timeIf you were to search on any popular search engine for ‘what is climate control’ you’ll get a d...
Car Tech - Heated and Cooled seats

Car Tech - Heated and Cooled seats

29 Aug 2018
By Richard Bolton
As the age of technology continues to develop and what was once a luxury or futuristic becomes mundane and every day it is important to know where it all begins and where it could be leading, it is no surprise the features seen on race cars make their way to sports cars and luxury cars, eventually a...
Love Island 2018 - If Islanders Were Cars

Love Island 2018 - If Islanders We...

12 Jul 2018
By AllCarLeasing
Love Island 2018 has swept the nation and the All Car Leasing office with constant drama. This year's islanders got us thinking about what cars are the most similar to the Islanders. The below blog is the fruit of our labour!Georgia Steel - The loyal BMW M3 • One of the loudest islanders• Loyal...