Audi Exclusive Deals

By AllCarLeasing
The Audi brand is one of the most popular car makers in the world, producing high-performance vehicles for every type of driver and possible use from 4x4s to estates to sports cars. Audi have always been a pioneer in technology, and their advertising slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” means ‘advancement through technology’. Their company ethos is to produce a vehicle to suit every driver and their extensive current range does this very nicely. Audi today are one of the 3 top German brands and are leading the way in the race to become the world’s best car manufacturer, along with BMW and Mercedes-Benz. However, Audi seem to be always one step ahead of the game, making beautiful yet more practical cars, and their most recent unveiling was of the Q2, the newest addition to the Audi range – a 4x4/ hatchback crossover aiming to compete with rivals such as the Mercedes GLA and the BMW X1. We at All Car Leasing have a very special privilege today, as we are unveiling our own new addition – our range of brand new Audi offers, applied to ALL models. And to give you a little taste of what’s on offer we’ve got the highlights of the range for you below.   

 There’s no fancy formatting to this piece, we’re going straight in for our first (and possibly the best) Audi offer – the S3 Quattro Sportback S Tronic. It’s a magnificent car and one that definitely turned our heads not only in price but in looks too. For £199 per month you can have one of these, based on 12 months up-front on a 24 month lease term with an annual mileage of 5k. The S3 Quattro Sportback S Tronic is the very top spec A3 you can get. And just look at it. It’s such a beautiful car and you get so much car for your money here. For a hot-hatch it has a very grown up feel, with intricate interior design and Audis latest MQB platform meaning the technology inside is bang up to date. Don’t let that make it sound dull though, this car has 300bhp let’s not forget.  What you also get with the S3 Sportback is more aggressive bodywork than the S Line, silver wing mirrors, quad exhausts and those unmistakably good-looking alloys as well as more room than a standard hatch but keeps the sporty body of a smaller car which gives it the edge over a larger Audi. Below we’ve put together some key specs for you to get a real idea of what this car is capable of.

Next up is the brilliant A4 ALLROAD 2.0 Quattro Diesel Estate and what a car this is. This car was built to be off-road and it thrives there taking everything in its stride. Not bad looking either. As well as that the Allroad boasts a clever electric all-wheel drive system that makes it perfect in tricky conditions and the latest model can choose between all-wheel drive and 2 wheel drive which greatly improves economy. 

The Allroad crucially is softer on the suspension than the A4 Avant, which isn’t wholly unsurprising, but we believe it’s all the better for it and coupled with how refined it is makes a great hardy off-road vehicle that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to get out of at a party.  This car is on offer at the astonishingly low price of £266.92 per month when taken out on a 36 month lease term, with 12 months up-front and with 5k miles a year. This Audi is extremely hardy and practical but still retains the same high quality throughout as a normal A4 Avant would, packed with great technology and built with comfort in mind so that while it’s doing all the hard work you can relax.The menacing A5 Sportback Special Editions 2.0 TDI Black Edition Plus S Tronic is really a car to turn heads with. It comes with matt black fog light surrounds, reg plate holder and grill giving it that mean appearance. On the inside the Black Edition brings smart piano black inlays, a flat-bottom sports steering-wheel and a Bang & Olufsen sound system. 

 The 5 door Sportback shape means this version is more practical than the 3 door coupe so you have the perfect pairing of a family car and for when you’re on your own – a nice little get about, and there’s the S Tronic part to add which provides ease of driving in congestion but can be swapped for manual and using the paddles you get the full racing car feel.  Our very best deal on this car is based on 12 months up-front, on a 48 month lease term with an annual mileage of 5k and is £255.47 on a Personal lease. With 190 horses and a top speed of 144mph this car has the pace of a much more expensive make. You really do get excellent value for money here and the 19” alloy wheels just add the cherry to the top of the cake. One thing that this Audi does though is give off a fairly understated look, so while you’re cruising through town you won’t get a reaction like that of a Lamborghini Aventador, but you’ll definitely look too cool for school in one of these. Take a good look at the rest of the unbelievable offers on our Audi range, they won't be around for long - click here